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Publish 11.09.2017

What Is The Shelf Life Of Meat Stored In The Fridge?

Before doing the smell test, which is not very scientific, read this table of recommended time periods by agencies accredited by the Food Safety, Consumer and European Food Information Council. And remember: when in doubt and you “don’t know when you’re going to eat it”, freeze it. Bacon and pancetta: 7 days, especially if they…

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Publish 12.07.2017

US Pork Promo – Costco Wholesale UK

Costco Wholesale UK will have a promotion on US pork loins from Monday 17th to Sunday 30th July. Tastings will be taking place in all stores on Saturday 29th July. Come to visit us! Costco Thurrock West Thurrock Way West Thurrock Essex RM20 3WY ——————— Costco Liverpool 30 Waterloo Road Liverpool L3 7HY ————————- Costco…

US Pork Costco UK
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Publish 06.07.2017

Some Tips to Enjoy a Perfect Meat Barbecue (II): Best Meat Cuts and Barbecues

Both the beef and pork meats offer pieces and cuts which especially fits for a successful barbecue: Beef In relation to beef, the best pieces for a barbecue are the entrecote, the T-bone steak and the tenderloin. Other alternative cuts, which are also delicious are the skirt steak, known for its tenderness and juiciness, the strip…

Tips for a perfect barbecue
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Publish 01.06.2017

Some Tips to Enjoy a Perfect Meat Barbecue

When good weather comes, there is nobody not wishing to enjoy a good barbecue. There are hundreds ways to make a good barbecue, but all of them share some common basic rules:  1) Planning First, you have to take into account the number of people enjoying the barbecue. We may calculate around 200 grams per…

Some Tips to Enjoy a Perfect Meat Barbecue
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Publish 23.05.2017

USMEF in Vilnius, Lithuania

On 18 May, US beef was showcased at the event  at the US Embassy in Vilnius, Lithuania. For this event USMEF was  teaming up with Foreign Agricultural Service, US Commercial Service at the US Embassy in Lithuania, Alaska Sea Food Marketing Institute, California Prune Groweres and California Almonds. The idea was to present the best of US food to the…

USMEF in Lithuania
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Publish 23.05.2017

USMEF will be in Romania on 30-31 May

USMEF in partnership with US Foreign Agricultural Service in Romania will be there showcasing US beef to the retail, importers and HRI industry market players. Facebook event:      

USMEF will be in Romania on 30-31 May
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Publish 04.05.2017

Shopping Tips: Beef

Did you know the type of cut when dressing the meat has an impact in its flavour? If we know what we are getting, we will ensure if it is a more suitable piece for a steak, a stew, a broth or a coat. Please check this categorisation of the main cuts depending on the…

Shopping Tips For Beef
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Publish 28.04.2017

Beef cutting Demo Helsinki Finland

Beef cutting Demo took place this week in Helsinki, Finland; done jointly with Bergfalk Oy, distributor for some US beef brands in Finland. The objective was to show alternative cuts of US beef – shoulder clod, chuck roll, top sirloin – and demostrate versatility of applications and consistency of quality, in order to to find applications for US…

US Beef in Helsinki - Demo
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Publish 27.04.2017

Cutting Masterclasses in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia

USMEF and Reaton, HRI distributor in the Baltic States, held a series of educational and cutting masterclasses in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia last week. The focus was on alternative cuts such as shoulder clod, chuck roll and top sirloin. The idea was to show versatility of US beef, to show that even lower value cuts…

Beef educational event in Baltic - Show
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