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Publish 01.12.2019

5 Christmas Recipes that are so delicious even Santa will want a bite

  Oh dear, it’s Christmas! It’s the most beautiful time of the year since we get together with our loved ones, share peace and love and most important of all, eat a holiday feast with plenty of delicious treats. Get in the spirit with these tasty Christmas recipes that will for sure be a huge…

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Publish 08.11.2019

5 Thanksgiving Dishes that Will Make You Forget About Turkey

It’s Thanksgiving! It’s time to meet up with the family and friends while eating a delicious turkey and other yummy treats. But, what if you try something different this year? Beef might seem an unusual Thanksgiving dish, however, that doesn’t mean that you cannot add beef to your menu and start a new tradition. So,…

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Publish 30.10.2019

The Most Scary-Good Halloween Meat Recipes

Halloween has finally arrived! It’s time to dress up with your scariest costume, transform your house into a haunted mansion, and launch a spooky-delicious Halloween feast. That’s why we present you the most devilishly good Halloween meat recipes to kick off the scariest night of the year!   1. Jack-O’-Lantern Stuffed Peppers What would be of…

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Publish 05.09.2019

Back to School Meat Lunch Box Ideas

Summer vacation is over and kids are heading back to school while Moms and Dads around the world are starting to think about new ideas for their lunches. What we have to say is that back-to-school season doesn’t mean that it’s time to turn off the grill!  Meat has a lot of proteins and nutrients…

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Publish 25.07.2019

The 5 Most Refreshing Beef Wraps for the Summer

Now that the best season has finally arrived, our stomachs are craving for something fresh. That’s why, here we present you the most refreshing beef wraps that must be included in your summertime menu!  1. Roast Beef Veggie Wraps  Welcome summer with these winning wraps! Their vegetables will give you and your guests a boost…

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Publish 28.06.2019

6 Best 4th of July Picnic Meat Recipes

It’s Independence Day, in other words, the proclaimed “Best Holiday Barbecue” that meat lovers have been waiting for all year. So, head out for a picnic with your family and friends, fire up the grill, and wow them with these beyond-delicious meat recipes: 1. Grilled Salsa Steak Appetizer Kick off your picnic with this crowd-pleaser…

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Publish 30.05.2019

Why You Don’t Succeed at Making Pizza and How to Fix it

Oh, pizza: that perfect, amazing meal that 99’9 % of the population on Earth loves. Okay, maybe we’ve exaggerated a little, but it’s true: almost everyone likes it. And we completely get it. That soft, spongy crust, gently mixed with delicious tomato sauce and silky mozzarella that melts not only in the oven, but also…

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Publish 29.04.2019

7 Days 7 Salads

Day to day we often need a caloric intake, not especially exceeding in fat, to be able to have energy without falling asleep at our desks or at work. Other days what we want is a first plate that is nutritious, depurative, and easily digested which only a good salad can provide us. For this…

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Publish 02.04.2019

The Best Sauces to Serve with Grilled Steak

It is clear that when we talk about good beef it doesn’t matter how it is cooked because it will always be delicious. However, the ideal is that it is accompanied by several essential elements. The first is the beverage. It can be a wine, an original beer or a soft drink, such as a…

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