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Publish 15.11.2018

Autumn meals or meals for cold weather

For the cold weather the best option is good food, some hot and whole dishes that are healthy and warm. We have collected 3 recipes ideal for Autumn. Try them and enjoy! Classic Beef Meatloaf Braised Short Ribs with Red Wine Sauce Three-Pepper Tenderloin Roast with Mushroom & Leek Barley

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Publish 19.10.2018

Halloween recipes

Halloween is coming and you can get some fun with the kids making these thematic dishes, easy, funny and delicious! Check out the following recipes: CHILI PIZZA SPOOKY SLOPPY JOES MONSTER MASH MEATBALL SOUP YUMMY MUMMY BEEF PIZZAS

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Publish 23.09.2018

Wines & Food

Autumn is here and grapes are turning into wine. Red and white wines are the perfect complement to enhance food´s flavour. For example, red wine is recommended for fatty cuts of meat and whites for light meat and fish with some exceptions.  To this end, below we have a list with some types of wines…

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Publish 13.08.2018

Celebrating National Marshmallow Toasting Day August 30th

Many Americans can recall a memory from their childhood days when they sat by a campfire with friends or family roasting marshmallows on sticks or skewers.  Sweet delight! Every year on the 30th of August NATIONAL MARSHMALLOW TOASTING DAY is a chance to re-live those memories, or experience them for the first time.  So what…

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Publish 04.07.2018

What is Independence Day in America and how it is celebrated

Independence Day, more commonly referred to as the Fourth of July is America´s national holiday marking the beginning of the summer season and commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence from Great Britain on July 4, 1776.  This is a patriotic holiday seen as the birth of the United States of America as an…

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Publish 21.06.2018

Did You Know June 21st Is the Summer Solstice and Are You Ready?

Today is the big day; summer has arrived and with it, sun, vacation, time for family and friends, outdoor events, cookouts and festivals. In the United States and according to where you live you could be white-water rafting along the Snake River (Wyoming), or whale watching in the waters of Cape Cod (Massachusetts). You might…

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Publish 18.05.2018

Celebrating the Cannes Film Festival with a Gala Dinner

Undoubtedly, the Cannes Festival is along with the Oscars, the most important film event of the year. If we already suggested the ultimate menu for you to enjoy an Oscar-like gala dinner, now we have decided to pay tribute to the French festival by commemorating below the best (and most symbolic) banquets in cinematographic history….

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Publish 27.04.2018

National Prime Rib Day

Today we observe in USA the National Prime Rib Day. How much do you know about the “King of Meats”?  What is a Prime Rib? “Prime rib” is a term that actually describes the grade of the meat, not the cut. There are three top grades of beef: Prime, Choice, and Select. Labelled “Prime” meat…

Prime Rib
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Publish 18.04.2018

US beef Masterclass in Jurmala (Riga, Latvia)

US beef Masterclass took place in Jurmala (Riga, Latvia) conducted by Chef Jay McCarthy, brand ambassador of USMEF. Watch the experience in our Facebook page!

USbeef Masterclass in Riga
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