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Publish 18.04.2018

US beef Masterclass in Jurmala (Riga, Latvia)

US beef Masterclass took place in Jurmala (Riga, Latvia) conducted by Chef Jay McCarthy, brand ambassador of USMEF. Watch the experience in our Facebook page!

USbeef Masterclass in Riga
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Publish 26.02.2018

The ultimate menu for the Oscars dinner

You may have not been invited to the Academy Awards, but that doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy a movie-like dinner while you watch the Ceremony from the comfort of your sofa. Turn on your stove! The Oscars 2018: Menu for an American movie-like dinner Starter: Grilled Salsa Steak Appetizer No. Servings: 34 appetizer Cooking time: 35…

Menu for the Oscars dinner with US beef
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Publish 26.02.2018

How it was ‘Taste of the Legend’ in Poland?

Remember ‘Taste of the Legend’? This festival took place at Warsav, Poland, where USMEF co-hosted a”US beef special menu week” at a dozen restaurants on December 2017. Here are some pictures of the promo and the event itself: W Warszawie trwa American Beef Festival, czyli amerykański festiwal wołowiny! Organizatorem jest U.S. Meat Export Federation i…

Taste of the Legend: USMEF
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Publish 22.02.2018

USMEF at Reaton Professional Days

Recently USMEF has attended Reaton Professional Days at the Baltic States. The unique taste of the American beef has been showcasted in Vilnius (Lithuania),  Riga (Latvia) and Tallinn (Estonia) in the month of February. Reaton Professional Days is a professional event organized by Reaton,  one of the leading HRI suppliers in the Baltic States. The chef…

USMEF at Reaton Professional Days
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Publish 04.12.2017

10 recipes you can re-invent with veal and stuff you have at home

Some days we do not know what to cook and there is nothing in the fridge. Nothing? There is always something to do with this or that remainder. These are the basic ingredients you may reuse to cook meat: Vegetables (any) Stock (it could be stock cubes) Pasta Bread Rice Bourbon or any spirit Cheese…

10 recipes you can re-invent in December

Publish 06.11.2017

Classic and Spicy BBQ Ribs

Pork ribs are always one of the most successful dishes in every barbecue. If you don’t have a grill and you still want to enjoy this traditional American dish… don’t worry! We bring you the ultimate recipe to cook BBQ pork ribs in your oven:  Ingredients          1 rack pork ribs 150g barbecue sauce 1 tablespoon…

Prime Rib
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Publish 02.10.2017

Tips to prepare children’s lunch box

The “Back to School” season is already here and full of energy…but imagination is running out. We propose you some tips below to find the inspiration when preparing your children’s lunch box:   Try to make this as appetising as possible: make foods with varying colours and different flavours… but do not hope they are…

Tips to prepare children’s lunch box
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Publish 11.09.2017

What Is The Shelf Life Of Meat Stored In The Fridge?

Before doing the smell test, which is not very scientific, read this table of recommended time periods by agencies accredited by the Food Safety, Consumer and European Food Information Council. And remember: when in doubt and you “don’t know when you’re going to eat it”, freeze it. Bacon and pancetta: 7 days, especially if they…

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Publish 12.07.2017

US Pork Promo – Costco Wholesale UK

Costco Wholesale UK will have a promotion on US pork loins from Monday 17th to Sunday 30th July. Tastings will be taking place in all stores on Saturday 29th July. Come to visit us! Costco Thurrock West Thurrock Way West Thurrock Essex RM20 3WY ——————— Costco Liverpool 30 Waterloo Road Liverpool L3 7HY ————————- Costco…

US Pork Costco UK
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