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Halloween Recipes to Prepare with Your Children

Halloween is a very special day, especially for the little ones in the house. That day you can decorate and prepare everything you need to spend a night of fear. So we want to give you ideas for some recipes that can be a lot of fun to prepare and that are deliciously creepy.

Monster Cheeseburgers

It is a very simple and fun recipe. You just need to make some good beef burgers and add the terrifying touch: use cheese slices to cut out Halloween pumpkin eyes and smiles, place them on top of your burgers with a touch of ketchup in the mouth and voila!

Attack of the Beef Meatballs Rats

What if you found some mice in your mashed potatoes? Your kids might find it funny. Make beef meatballs and create the body of the mice, add the ears with thin slices of carrot, add a tail thanks to some spaghetti, whiskers with a little cheese and eyes with black olives or peppers. You can use what you like the most to make your mouse. And finally, place it on delicious mashed potato. You will see what a surprise!

The Nachos Cementery

Prepare a tray of beef chili as if it were the earth, then use the nachos as tombstones, or pita bread cut into rectangular shapes. You can also use it to make other decorations, like trees. Add chives or green bell peppers to serve as graveyard grass. As a fun detail you can use a food marker to put RIP on the tombstones.

Zombie Hand

Use minced meat and mold it by hand. Paint it with tomato sauce using a kitchen brush.   Add detail like nails with red onions or the bones of the hand with a piece of white onion.  We cover this mixture with slices of cheese on top and put it in the oven to brown until it takes a dark, golden color.  Keep painting it with the kitchen brush and a little oil from time to time while it is cooking. You will have a terrifying zombie hand!

If you want more Halloween recipes, you can always check out other terrifying recipes on our blog. Trick or Treat!