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for Distributors

Importers / Exporters

US beef exporters comply with strict safety and health measures to be able to sell their meat in Europe. Find out who they are and who imports and sells US beef in your country.

The US Industry

Cattle producers take pride in producing safe and nutritious beef and beef products for all consumers.


The U.S. beef industry has instituted a producer-initiated Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) Program that is focused on production practices that ultimately impact product safety. Implementation of these programs demonstrates that the U.S. industry is committed to produce the safest and most wholesome products possible.

Breeds & Feeding

There are over 60 beef cattle breeds within the U.S. Approximately 20 breeds possess the genetics desired for the production of marketable beef.


The American Industry’s Commitment to Health.

Non Hormone treated
cattle programme

Here are the details.

Chef Videos

Learn how to cook US beef from the hand of the best chefs.