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Simple and Fresh Lunches to Prepare for Summer

Summer is coming and many of us lose the desire to cook with the heat. We just want to have things that are fresh and easy to prepare. We are going to give you some recipes that you can make without a major problem. Do not get bitter with cooking or the heat.

Salads for Lunch in the Summer

Without a doubt, salads are the easiest thing to prepare, and are also very appreciated. We recommend that you try to make the fruit and beef salad. This dish has a perfect combination of meat proteins and fruit sugars that will help you resist the heat.

Another very tasty and fresh salad for the summer is the Thai style beef salad. It is very easy to prepare, with an Asian touch and we can add what we like the most. Its main ingredients are beef, peppers, tomatoes, red onion, soy sprouts and lime juice. In addition, it is good to spice it up with a little ginger, coriander and/or basil.

Another simple salad to prepare and very delicious is the garlic & herb steak salad. The spices and different aromatic herbs make it very fresh for a healthy summer lunch.

Sandwiches and Wraps for lunck in the Summer

When we don’t feel like cooking, one of the essential elements is bread. With it we can prepare a delicious lunch in less than 5 minutes and, if we also combine certain ingredients, we will get flavorful and nutritious dishes.

We recommend that you try to make the marinated beef sandwich with mustard and arugula. The secret is in the marinating of the meat and the rest is a matter of taste. The combination of arugula with mustard works very well, but you can add lettuce, fresh sliced tomato or egg. Of course, use a good bread for the sandwich, so that it does not fall apart on the plate.

If you are interested in another type of bread, we recommend the pita or the tortillas used for burritos; With them you can prepare light and delicious wraps for lunch. The recipe for Mediterranean beef and veggie wraps is very simple and perfect to prepare on a hot day. We recommend it 100%.

You no longer have excuses for not cooking this summer. Thanks to these recipes you can enjoy delicious dishes, fresh and easy to prepare.