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Food tips for a Christmas recovery

During the Christmas holidays we have eaten a wide variety of dishes that are not normally within our routine. Therefore, it is good for our health to recover the routine and the best way is to give you a series of tips on food for Christmas recovery.

Regain good habits and a varied diet

One of the most important tips is to get back your meal times. At Christmas we usually change our meals to different times, so it is essential to recover our meal times.

Another tip is to exercise. It is important to exercise regularly every day. This way you will get back to your healthy habits very quickly!

Having a varied diet at all meals and eating adequate servings is essential to be healthy. Fruits, vegetables and legumes should be the basis of most of your dishes, but you should also add adequate amounts of meat, fish and cereals.

Perfect recipes to recover from Christmas

If you are tired of cooking the same dishes and want to look for healthy recipes, we´ll give you some dishes that are perfect for Christmas recovery.

  • Beef and Grilled Pear Salad. This salad is a balanced and nutritious dish that combines beef with vegetables and fruits. Easy, quick and delicious!