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Perfect Menu for a Picnic Day with the Family

Now that the good weather has arrived, it is time to enjoy it with the family. A picnic is a great option to spend the day, either in the park, on the beach and even on your terrace or in your garden if it is big enough. Children will have a great time!

Here you will find some quick and easy recipes that you can prepare for a great picnic with the family.

Beef Wrap with Lamb’s Lettuce (can be substituted for water cress or baby spinach)

This dish never fails. You can eat it hot or cold, it keeps quite well and you can easily store it in your backpack for a picnic.

To prepare it you only need: flat bread for wrapping, minced beef, Caesar sauce, Parmesan cheese and lamb’s lettuce.

How to mount it? First sauté the veal in the well-seasoned skillet; once done, you just have to mount your warp. You can add more things to it in addition to what we have mentioned. Customize it to your liking and if you can´t find lamb´s lettuce, use a substitute.

Beef Sandwich with Sautéed Peppers, Onion and Mozzarella

Like wraps, sandwiches are perfect for a picnic. They are easy to prepare and store and, in addition, you can prepare them with the ingredients that you like the most.

This is the version we suggest you try. The ingredients you need are: beef steaks, peppers, onions, tomato, oregano, thyme, pepper, salt, oil, mozzarella cheese and a good bread.

It is simple to prepare: sauté the vegetables and meat with the spices you prefer and then put everything into the sandwich.

If you want to try other types of sandwiches, this is also delicious: beef and cream cheese bagelwich.

Melon, Lamb’s Lettuce and Crispy Beef Salad

When it’s hot, you want cool things and that is why a good salad is also perfect to take on a picnic. They are easy to make and we can combine all the ingredients that we like.

We suggest the following recipe, which includes: beef fillets, almonds, hazelnuts, lamb’s lettuce and melon. For the dressing you will need apple cider vinegar, salt and olive oil.

First chop the nuts and coat the fillet with them. Fry it, cut it and, when it is cold, add it to the mixture of lamb’s lettuce and melon.  Then season. The crispiness of the veal will be the special touch of this salad.

If you want to try other ideal recipes for a picnic, we recommend these roast beef and veggie wraps or, if you want to give your lunch a sophisticated and surprising touch, a little beef sushi that will leave everyone amazed.