The Perfect Beef Menu for a Romantic Dinner: The Marbled Meat Club


The perfect beef menu for a romantic dinner

Any time is a good time to show the love we have for other people, and what better way to show it than by cooking! Get to work and create a delicious menu to surprise the person you love. Here are some ideas for starters, main course and dessert.

Spread your love with these attractive appetizers

The key to a successful menu is to plan exquisite starters. If the dinner starts well, it is likely to end well. You should choose starters that are light, but at the same time original. For example this Beef Sushi.

But if you want something simpler and not so exotic, you can make this Beef and Grilled Pear Salad. The combination of beef and pear creates contrasts between sweet and milder flavors with the strong flavor of the beef. 

The main dish for this romantic beef menu

The best main dish is a beef carpaccio with tomatoes and some herbs like rosemary or fresh basil. The beef carpaccio is a sophisticated and tasty recipe and the instructions for making it are:

  • Pull the leaves off a few big sprigs of rosemary and chop them very finely.  Season generously with salt and pepper and spread the leaves out on a chopping board.
  • Roll the fillet in the rosemary. The fillet should be completely crusted.
  • Heat a non-stick frying pan over a high heat and add a glug of olive oil.  Gently place the fillet in the pan and cook for a minute or so on each side, keeping the heat high. 
  • Remove the fillet to a plate and allow to cool completely, before resting for an hour or two in the fridge.
  • To slice the beef, use a large, very sharp knife and aim for slices thinner than a pound coin. 
  • Stretch each slice out gently with the back and face of the blade, and lay them on a large plate.
  • Season the meat, garnish with some thinly sliced tomatoes, Parmesan cheese strips and fresh basil.

If you feel like cooking more and making an elaborate recipe, this Beef Wellington is what you are looking for. This classic is delicious and you will surprise the person you love!

Close this special dinner with a sweet dessert 

After a perfect dinner, it’s time for dessert! Try to keep it light but very tasty, such as strawberries with cream. And if you are a chocolate lover, you can cook a chocolate fondant with vanilla ice cream.