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The Most Sophisticated Menu for New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve dinner is very important because you want everyone to be surprised and happy after trying your culinary creations. This is why we give you some ideas for the most sophisticated menu to leave your friends and family speechless.

Beefy and Christmas appetizers for New Year’s Eve

The first step to a perfect menu is delicious starters. We don’t recommend wasting all your energy on the appetizers: you can cook easy and stylish dishes. Try doing one of these options and you will succeed!

  • Beef Sushi Recipe.This is an original and different recipe but as delicious as  classic pastrami. You have to spend time in the kitchen but if you cook it early, you will enjoy the rest of the night!
  • Mini Canapes with Beef and Gravy. This recipe is delicious, flavorful, and perfect to whet your appetite.
  • Beef Brisket Pastrami.This is an easy and quick recipe but it’s perfect for starting the menu of New Year Eve. In addition, it’s a safe bet because everyone likes pastrami!

The Star Dish in New Year’s Eve Dinner

At all Christmas dinners and on New Year’s Eve, the main dish is the star of the menu. It’s the part of the menu where you can put more ingredients, but they all need to combine well to create a delicious dish. We give you a series of options, because depending on the time you have and desire, one recipe will be better than another.

  • Dijon & Herb Rubbed Beef Roast.This Beef Roast with Cranberry Sauce will be the star of the menu! The combination is delicious, flavorful and an excellent beef dish.
  • Classic Tenderloin. This tenderloin with cranberry drizzle is a must in the Christmas edition. You just need a good quality piece of beef, time to cook it and it will be the star of the dinner!
  • Gourmet Beef Ribeye Sous Vide. If you like spending time in the kitchen and want to try new cooking techniques, this is your dish! Your guests will be surprised!

Don’t Forget Christmas Dessert

The end of the year dinner is usually abundant, so making a very heavy dessert is not recommended. It´s better to choose something soft and small, that is eaten in one bite. Chocolates are ideal! You can also make a dessert with yogurt or fruit to give a fresh touch to the evening.