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The most delicious dishes with raw beef

The most common beef dishes are usually cooked, but there are also dishes with raw beef that are delicious. Sure, there are many recipes with raw meat but here are the best and most common ones!

  • Beef tartare. The steak tartare has a strong flavor and that is why the dressing, the ingredients that will accompany it and the sauce must be well chosen. The most common way is to add onion, capers, spices and serve it with an egg yolk.
  • Carpaccio salad. The most important thing about this dish is that the meat is cut into very thin slices. It can be served with sauces, green sprouts, onions, cheese and made as a small carpaccio salad. Original and tasty!
  • Beef tataki. Beef tataki is a very original dish because the pieces of meat are cooked a just little in the pan creating a surprising mixture of cooked and raw flavors. This dish must be marinated in advance, it is seasoned and it is usually accompanied with herbs and aromatic foods.

Best cuts for each dish

Each cut of beef has its own characteristics, so depending on the dish, you should choose one cut or the other. Above all, for raw meat dishes it is very important to choose the right cut well, because some have more flavor and they are more tender than others.

For steak tartare, the best cut of meat is ground beef. The texture should be smooth and pleasant when you eat a tartare and ground beef is perfect for this recipe.

For beef carpaccio the best piece is a fillet, specifically the central part. It has an intense flavor and it is a tender. Also, you can use sirloin if you want to add a more intense flavor to your carpaccio.

Sirloin is the best cut for beef tataki. It has a strong flavor, it is very tender and it is one of the best cuts of beef.