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Buckwheat & Capers Beef Tartare

Buckwheat & Capers Beef Tartare


250g Beef

20 g Buckwheat

20 g Capers

Salt & Pepper

3 g Mustard

5 g Ginger

1l Red wine for the sauce

Paris mushrooms

No. Servings:

4 servings

Cooking time:

20 minutes


1. Cut the beef in dices.

2. Mix the capers and the beef.

3. Add the buckwheat to the beef.

4. Season with salt and pepper.

5. Mix the whole.

6. Finish by adding the mustard and the minced ginger.

7. Serve the tartare cold with Paris mushroom gills, then the red wine hot sauce.

An original recipe by chef Olivier Bellin.

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