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The Best Tools and Accessories for Grilling

Who doesn’t like to enjoy a succulent barbecue when the fine weather arrives? However, grilling is not as easy as it seems because using the appropriate utensils and knowing how to control the fire is essential so that the meat doesn’t get burned or stays too rare.

Here you have a list of the essential vocabulary that you need to become “The King of the Barbecue”.

  1. A Barbecue: First of all, you need a barbecue. Isn’t that obvious? There are different types and sizes and you can also choose how they work: gas, electricity or coal. There are portable barbecues too, so you can use them inside your house. That way you won’t have to renounce the enjoyment of delicious grill meat any time of year.

  1. A Grill: This is another one of the essentials. Being successful at grilling meat largely depends on it. There are different types of grills, depending on what you want to cook: meat, fish or vegetables. 
  2. Grill cleaning brushes: for the maintenance of your barbecue.
  3. Spatulas: you can use them to unstick the meat and the vegetables from your barbecue. There are so many types and sizes that you might have trouble choosing the perfect one!
  4. Tongs: they are very important for turning the meat over without burning yourself and to position the food correctly on your grill.
  5. Pokers and fire-shovels: these tools are essential if you use a coal barbecue. Don’t forget them!
  6. A Lighter: If you don’t wanna use fuel briquettes to fire up coal, you always have the alternative of using a lighter! That way you will have absolute control of the fire and it’s an easier and safer way to light up your barbecue.
  7. A table: you will need a board or a table where you can put the dirty tools and extra space for serving and cutting meat.

Some meat dishes: keep close a couple of dishes for the meat. Once the meat is cut, you will need at least a big one where you can serve it.

A set of meat knives: meat knives are one of the most important tools that you will need for cutting meat safely. Make sure they are sharp enough and that you use the correct type of knives.

  1. Your favourite kitchen apron: a white one, with your name embroidered, with superheroes motives… Apart from being useful to avoid getting dirty, you will be able to put the finishing, and humorous, touch to your barbecue. Use the apron that represents you the most!

How about these recipes to get started?

Now that you know everything that you need, you just have to choose the menu.

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