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Side Dish Ideas for Beef

Beef is one of the most consumed foods thanks to its high level of proteins, which help us to build muscles, and has a delicious flavor. It is very versatile and we can accompany it with a myriad of elements. If you are tired of placing the typical French fries or a simple salad next to your steak, in this post we are going to give you some other ideas to liven up your dishes. Take a chance and try these interesting side dishes!

Mushrooms and Fungi

If there is something that goes perfectly with meat, it is mushrooms and fungi. Products taken from the land give much more flavor to your meats. Another advantage of this accompaniment is its versatility: you can make them sautéed, like in our skillet steaks with sautéed wild mushrooms’ recipe; seasoned; scrambled with eggs or with a delicious soy sauce or wine. Try one of its many combinations!


Legumes are a very important source of vitamins and minerals and if, in addition, we use them to accompany the meat, we will get a healthy, complete and rich dish.

If you want to put legumes next to your meat, it has many combinations. For example, you can accompany your fillet with a rich chickpea dressing with chopped tomato and onion or, if you prefer, with homemade hummus. You can also try the combination with recipes like our braised chuck steaks with savory lentils.

You do not have to limit yourself to a specific legume: use lentils, beans, chickpeas… and combine them however you want! But yes, remember that, if you are going to serve them as a side dish, do it in small portions so that the digestion is not too heavy.

Seeds and Cereals

Seeds and cereals are another classic accompaniment that you can use for your meats: the original touch comes in how you combine the elements and what ingredients you use.

Try to accompany your meat with a rich rice salad with some spices to give it a refreshing touch or you can also prepare a creamy risotto.

If you prefer other cereals, try using semolina, couscous and even farro, as in our refreshing Summer farro salad with roast beef.


Have you tried to change the typical potato for apple? It is delicious, low in calories and contains fiber and minerals. You can also use pear, pineapple, orange, and even fried banana as side dishes. Your dishes will have a spectacular sweet touch if, in addition, you use a sauce with these fruits. Experiment and try! If you want a excellent example, how about this Caribbean beef burgers with mango salsa recipe?

So now you know, don’t just use potatoes or a simple salad. Thanks to these examples you will be able to create more original accompaniments for your meats!