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Mushroom filled Beef Knuckle Ravioli

Mushroom filled Beef Knuckle Ravioli


100 g of thin knuckle steaks

400 gr of mushrooms

100 g of cream

8 thin layers of wonton paste

2 eggs

250 g of panko (Japanese flaky bread crumb)

No. Servings:

4 servings

Cooking time:

1 hour and 30 minutes


  1. Separate the 3 pieces of the knuckle, cut into small steaks and flatten them until they are very thin.
  2. Sauté the mushrooms in a pan and add the cream, let it stand and for an hour.
  3. Lay out the steaks in the cooking table and place a spoon in the middle of the steaks, bend the steaks inward as if they were raviolis.
  4. Bread the steaks with egg and panko.
  5. Deep-fry the raviolis.
  6. Drain the remaining oil and serve.

A recipe by chef Pedro Larumbe.

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