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The Ranking of the 5 Best Burgers You Can Prepare

If there’s one thing we love, it’s hamburgers! Good meat and the garnishes chosen to accompany it make a big difference. So we would like to show you the ranking of the 5 best hamburgers that you can prepare and taste.

1. Jack Daniels Burger

This is the typical hamburger that deserves the podium for its flavor. A delicious hamburger of ground beef, goat cheese, onion rings, bacon and the finishing touch of the Jack Daniel sauce that you can prepare yourself. The good thing is that, in addition to the basic ingredients, you can add whatever you like the most. Our recommendation is to use crystal bread. 

2. Double Cheese Bacon Burger

Sometimes it is not necessary to complicate your life to eat the best hamburger. We only need a good melted cheese, a succulent beef burger, bacon and a touch of the sauce you prefer: ketchup, barbecue … Cheeseburgers and bacon are a classic that always triumphs, but you can make them yours, for example by adding pickles or onion.

3. Veggie Lovers Burger

They say that vegetables are good for health, so we can also incorporate them into our beef burger. We can add lettuce, red and green peppers, red onion, cucumber, avocado, black olives … and a touch of mayonnaise. This will create the perfect veggie burger. Take note.

4. Chili Burger

Who said that we cannot incorporate legumes into our hamburger? Add some beans with spicy chili to taste and a fried egg. Use a great piece of beef and you will have a rich and filling hamburger. If you are a big fan of spicy, you can liven up your chili as much as you like with spices.

5 . Serrano Ham and Pineapple Burger

This combination of pineapple in your burger may not be appetizing a priori, but we encourage you to try it. A good beef burger with serrano ham, a piece of grilled pineapple, plus whatever you want to add, such as cheese or tomato, is a fun and interesting combination.

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