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Five Special Beef Dinners Ready in 30 Minutes or Less

Is it dinner time and you don’t know what to cook? Here we give you some ideas that will help you with dinner. In fact, these recipes are delicious and you don’t need a lot of time to cook them either!

Special Beef Dinners

Simple Veal Cutlets. Veal cutlets are a high-quality protein source and if you cook them right they are really tender. You can cook veal in many ways but this recipe grills it. To grill veal, the temperature should be above medium with ash-covered coals.

Original Beef Tartare. Tartare is always good and you can pair it with all ingredients that increase the beefy flavor. For this reason, this buckwheat and capers beef tartare is unique and an excellent dish for a special dinner.

Ground Beef Stroganoff. This is a typical grandma’s recipe. It combines the flavors of beef, butter, and mushrooms with a delicious result. This dish is easy and takes little time to prepare. You just need in a large skillet, cook the beef, onion in butter over medium heat. Then, stir in the mushrooms, flour, salt, pepper, and garlic around 5 minutes. Add chili sauce and Worcestershire sauce, reduce the sauces around 10 minutes and let the dish rest.

Homemade Beef Tacos. It is a nutritional dish and the mix between beef, spices, and tomato sauce creates a special flavor. But the best part is you can cook it in only 30 minutes and you can add all the toppings you like.

Easy Fresh Beef Salad. Salad is healthy and very appealing on sunny days. To give a punch to this dish try to cook it with beef. It’s really tasty and adds a special flavor to the veggies.

How to Decorate the Dinner Table?

It doesn´t have to be a special occasion to decorate the dining table and to make it look beautiful. Every day should be special. We give you some ideas on how you can make the dining table look beautiful using different simple things.

To give a living vibe to your table you can use fruit and plants and put them in glass containers to make colorful and beautiful centerpieces. Also, you can use candles to light the table and have a comforting atmosphere during your dinner.

Other ideas are to use symmetry in the design of things on the table or to choose silverware with the colors of your dining room. Wood, wicker, and warm tones are a trend right now in the dining room decor, so use these elements and your table will be modern and perfect.