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5 Tips to Reduce Food Waste at Home

Do you always try not to throw food away, but sometimes you can’t help it? We give you some tips to make the most of your food. The dishes with this food will be delicious!

All over the world a lot of food is wasted every day. To reduce food waste, we want to give you some tips to make the most of your food. The dishes with this food will be delicious!

  1. Make an inventory of your fridge and pantry. Check all the food you have in the kitchen before buying new things. Thus, you will know what you really need to buy. Also, if you have food scraps you can buy food to accompany the leftovers and not have to throw them away. If you have leftover beef, for example, you can use it for breakfast, providing satisfying protein.
  2. Go to the supermarket with a list. Create a grocery list based on the meals you will prepare for the week, and stick to it! Before putting each item in your cart, think about how and when you will use it. After having bought everything on the list, you can check the supermarket in case you see another item that you like or that suits your recipes.
  3. Freeze food before wasting it because it cannot be eaten. You can cook easy meals later and use it for many recipes. You have to package food in single meal servings (individual or family) and it’s easier to eat later.
  4. Become an expert at recognizing spoiling food.

The first reminder you have is that the dates on packages do not reflect the day on which the food will be unsafe to consume. They simply indicate when the product should be eaten for the highest quality.

One piece of good advice is to organize your fridge and pantry by the method: First in, first out. Put recently purchased foods behind what was already there, so it’s easier to eat it before it spoils.

Pay attention to the meat! The color of red meat is not a reliable indicator of freshness or quality because it is influenced by factors including the animal it came from and exposure to light and oxygen. So, check to see if there is an off odor or if the meat is slimy or sticky to the touch.

  1. Get creative and invent new recipes. Beef can be cooked in many ways. Use that versatility and be original. You can make many recipes with beef and mix them with other ingredients to have a nutritious and balanced meal.

Try These Recipes with Leftovers and Food you Always Have in your Kitchen

Try cooking to reduce food waste to create delicious and amazing dishes. Many recipes are versatile and have the same value as a gourmet beef dish. Here we give you some recipes that reduce food waste:

  • Beef poke bowl. This dish is perfect for not throwing food away. You can use all the ingredients you want but all you need is just some beef, veggies, seasoning and spices. It’s delicious.
  • Pizza. Pizza is one of the most versatile dishes. There are many types and many combinations. And the best thing: everyone loves it!
  • Beef salads. Salads are healthy and nutritive. With leftovers of beef, some veggies and fruits you can make a complete lunch and reduce food waste.