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Why You Don’t Succeed at Making Pizza and How to Fix it

Oh, pizza: that perfect, amazing meal that 99’9 % of the population on Earth loves. Okay, maybe we’ve exaggerated a little, but it’s true: almost everyone likes it. And we completely get it.

That soft, spongy crust, gently mixed with delicious tomato sauce and silky mozzarella that melts not only in the oven, but also in your mouth (and heart). And the infinite number of ingredients you can use just makes it better. It doesn’t matter if you prefer pulled beef, pork or pepperoni; if you just like olives better, or pepper, or even pineapple; if bacon is your favorite topping, or if you would like to add just gorgonzola… There’s a pizza for every person in this planet. And that is simply wonderful.

But something changes when you try to make it at home… Pizza becomes way less attractive and tasty… it looks sick and lifeless… And you ask yourself what could have gone wrong.

Okay, we’ve all gone through that difficult moment, but don’t worry! You are going to nail it next time you make pizza. How? Well, keep reading!

Mistakes You’re Probably Making

  • The oven is not hot enough: this is probably one of the most common mistakes. People are afraid of turning the heat up and that, believe it or not, affects the pizza. High temperatures make the crust crisp on the outside and soft and light in the middle. Try it next time, we promise your oven won’t explode or set your house on fire (but be careful, please).
  • You put way too much cheese in the pizza: cheese lovers are not going to like this, but it’s the truth. We like to think the more cheese you put on everything, the better. And don’t get us wrong: sometimes that is absolutely true, but it doesn’t work with pizza. Mozzarella is ESSENTIAL, but too much cheese will make the pizza greasy and heavy. Be logical when using it next time. Your stomach will appreciate it.
  • You’re taking the pizza out of the oven too soon: man, RELAX. It doesn’t take too long to bake a pizza, but you still have to be patient and wait for the dough and the ingredients to be fully cooked. When you see that the cheese is melted and the toppings also look cooked, wait 5 more minutes. You’ll notice the difference.
  • Enough with the toppings, please: you’re choosing the toppings, you’re feeling undecided today and you don’t know what to go for. A brilliant idea comes to your mind: let’s mix one hundred ingredients! It’ll sure taste amazing! WRONG. BAD IDEA. Pizza is like fashion: sometimes less is more. It’s fine if you want to try something new and experiment, but don’t use too many ingredients.

Now it’s your turn! Good luck next time! And in case you need some inspiration, here you have a delicious American Pizza recipe and a ‘Pizza with a Purpose’ recipe. Enjoy them!