USMEF and the T-TIP : The Marbled Meat Club


USMEF and the T-TIP

The US Agricultural sector in general and the Beef and Pork sector specifically, have always declared their support for TTIP negotiations at the outset on the basis that those negotiations be comprehensive and all inclusive, which means that everything should be open to discussion.

With regard to the so-called TTIPleaks, the US officials have stated that “the interpretations being given to these texts appear to be misleading at best and flat out wrong at worst. From the outset of trade negotiations with the EU, we have been clear that our goal is for T-TIP to promote economic growth, boost jobs, increase public participation and transparency in regulatory processes, and reflect our shared transatlantic values. T-TIP will preserve, not undermine, our strong consumer, health, environmental standards, and position the U.S. and the EU to work together to push standards higher around the world.”