#USAinUK Presents #USBeef : The Marbled Meat Club


#USAinUK Presents #USBeef

The U.S. Embassy in London will organise a 1day-2meals event to promote U.S. beef among a selected group of chefs and journalists.  This event will take in the form of a private lunch for the best chefs in London and a dinner for food and lifestyle journalists and bloggers.

Both meals will be hosted by the Minister of the Embassy of the United States, Elisabeth Dibble, at her Residence in Wychwood House; in collaboration with the U.S Department of Agriculture and the U.S. Meat Export Federation.

The American chef Byron Hogan has created a special menu for the occasion, based on different U.S. beef cuts and other U.S. ingredientes.  A selection of the best U.S. beef wines will be also served.

The purpose of this event is showcasing U.S. as a high quality product, marbled, tasty and juicy; and educating chefs and journalists on the U.S. beef industry and the difference of U.S. beef.

The event will be replicated in other European cities in 2016 (Luxembourg, Rome, Berlin, Helsinki).