#USbeefBulgaria Seminar : The Marbled Meat Club


#USbeefBulgaria Seminar

FAS Bulgaria and USMEF, in collaboration with the Bulgarian Association of Professional Cooks, will carry on a seminar on US beef next April 24th in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

Bulgarian TV star and Vicepresident of the BAPC, Ivan Manchev, together with Andre Tokev, President of the BAPC,  have been actively involved in the organisation of this seminar in order to spread the knowledge and awareness of US beef in Bulgaria.

Philip Campbell, head Chef of  Goodman Restaurants Mayfair London, will be in charge of a demonstration to showcase different US beef cuts (Striploin, Chuck eye roll,  Sirloin flap, Top butt cap, Inside round-cap off).

A selection of the main Bulgarian chefs will attend the seminar and will be able to learn the US beef difference and how to handle and cook some premium and alternative US beef cuts.