U.S. beef to be showcased in London April 25 : The Marbled Meat Club


U.S. beef to be showcased in London April 25

The U.S. Meat Export Federation (USMEF) and the U.S. Department of Agriculture will showcase in London the quality and diversity of U.S. beef to chefs from top UK restaurants and food journalists, via the “#USAinUK Presents #USbeef” lunch and dinner.

Fourteen top UK chefs have accepted the lunch invitation, some of them with Michelin star awards. A similar number of UK food journalists have accepted the dinner invitation.

Both meals will have the same menus featuring U.S. beef.  Mr. Byron Hogan, USMEF’s “Chef Ambassador”, will prepare the meals and describe the dishes as they are served.  Chuck Cramer of Terlato Wines will supply wines for the event and will join the lunch to describe the wines as they are poured.  Mr. John Brook and Mr. Felipe Macías of USMEF will join the lunch as will Mr. Stan Phillips of FAS/London.

This is part of USMEF’s marketing strategy to raise awareness of U.S. beef in Europe and make it known among chefs, traders and end consumers.  Educating top chefs on the use of alternative beef cuts and informing them and the Press about the U.S. beef difference is the main objective of these 2-meals day, to take place on April 25.