U.S. beef to be showcased in Berlin : The Marbled Meat Club


U.S. beef to be showcased in Berlin

On August 30th, the U.S. Embassy in Berlin, in collaboration with the U.S. MEAT EXPORT FEDERATION, will be hosting an event to promote the best U.S. beef.

This event is aimed at informing about the U.S. beef difference and its vast culinary possibilities. Mr. John B. Emerson, U.S. Ambassador, will be hosting a lunch for a selection of the best German chefs.

The event will be completed the same day with a dinner offered to the main food & lifestyle media in Germany.

A special menu will be prepared by U.S. beef Ambassador Byron Hogan for the occassion, who will make the guests go into journey to discover U.S. beef. A selection of the best U.S. wines will pair with the several courses on the menu.