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Tips to prepare children’s lunch box

The “Back to School” season is already here and full of energy…but imagination is running out. We propose you some tips below to find the inspiration when preparing your children’s lunch box:

  1. Try to make this as appetising as possible: make foods with varying colours and different flavours… but do not hope they are eating broccoli at school if they do not eat it at home.
  2. The in-mid morning snack is a key for being performant during the school hours and being ready for lunch with the appropriate appetite. The traditional sandwiches are the most usual choice compared to fruits and dairy products.
  3. As a rule, we must opt for products supplementing the food eaten for breakfast. That is, if fruits, cereals or dairy products have been taken for breakfast, it is recommended to opt for vegetables and proteins.
  4. There are many ways of cooking meat so they do not get bored: cold cuts, meatballs, hamburgers, mini-pizzas… Take a look to our recipes section to find your inspiration.