Tips for a balanced and healthy diet : The Marbled Meat Club


Tips for a balanced and healthy diet

In order to achieve a healthy lifestyle, it is important to give up bad food and adopt good eating habits and stay active in everyday life. Some tips to achieve this are: 

 Base your meals on a wide variety of food 

 You have to eat, in different amounts, all kind of food. Fruit and vegetables are the basics but you also have to eat proper amounts of meat, fish, cereals and legumes. A perfect lunch that has a lot of these foods is braised chuck steaks with savory lentils

 Do exercise and maintain a healthy weight 

 Staying active is just as important as eating right. If you exercise regularly every day and have a good diet, you will be healthy. 

 Eat less salt 

 Eating too much salt can raise your blood pressure. People with high blood pressure are more likely to develop heart disease or have a stroke, so be carefull with that! 

 Eat meat with moderation 

 Meat gives protein to your meals, so you need to add it to your diet. However, you don`t have to eat big amounts of meat because it is also high in fat. Beef is a good meat and is perfect for adding moderately to your diet.

 Best healthy ways to cook meat 


 Stir-frying is an easy way to cook bite size pieces of meat quickly, so if don`t have much time to cook it is ideal. Stir-frying involves using a small amount of oil and quickly cooking the meat. Also, you can add some veggies and herbs to your pan and you will have a complete and healthy lunch! 

 Stews and soups 

 Making a stew with some meat can be a one-pot wonder meal. Although this requires a longer cooking time, it can be a really healthy way to cook meat. A benefit with stews and soups with meat is you have the way open for adding all different kinds of vegetables or whole grains. 


 Poaching requires a small amount of liquid for the meat to simmer in until the meat is done. You can use water to cook or to add more flavor using vegetables broths. 


 Broiling consists of a high cooking temperature for a short duration. It is perfect for some tender cuts of meat that can be cooked this way and the heat is above the food instead of underneath it. 


 The oven is very usefull because you can roast any piece of meat and it is healthy way to cook. Using herbs and spices is an easy way to add more flavor for roasting and also, you can add a broth to keep the flavor and the juicy in the meat.