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Tips for choosing the best beef

Knowing how to choose meat when you go to the supermarket is very important for your health. A good diet requires quality meat. That is the reason why you have to be careful and know how to choose the best cuts!  Therefore, we explain in this post how to select them!

Choose the right steak for the right meal

Think about what you want to cook, so you can choose the right meat. Depending on the menu, one piece of meat will be better than another. Keep in mind that it is important to eat healthy and using quality meat is essential. A good steak is expensive so why not ask the expert who handles the products everyday what he/she thinks is a good bargain. For example, for a stew, beef is perfect.

Learn your cuts of beef and look for value cuts

Going hand in hand with choosing the right steak is learning the different parts of the cow and how to distinguish between prime cuts. So you can see the more you know about the various cuts of beef associated with the different beef prime sections, the easier it will be for you to identify bargains when at the market.

Buy the best grade of meat you can afford

Just because Prime isn’t that readily available or in a price range we can´t afford, there is nothing wrong with Choice. There are different grades of Choice so you may want to shop where they consistently buy beef at the higher end of the Choice grade.

Steaks from the butcher are better than from pre-packaged section

The big advantage of buying from the case is you’ll be working with a butcher or sales people who can help you select your steaks. Moreover, packaged meat is usually of worse quality than from the butcher because you cannot correctly check its status.

Compare color

The color is a sign that reveals if the meat is good or bad. So, check it before buying meat. Some references that you can use are the following:

  • Fresh meat shouldn’t be brown or spotted.
  • Grass-fed meat is also a darker color and of higher quality.

When you buy pre-packaged steaks, take care how the package looks

Look closely at the date of packaging and when it should be consumed. Also, check that the status is correct by looking at its color, for example. If in doubt, ask someone, but don’t buy meat in poor condition.

Finally, now you can go buy meat and select the best one because this is very important for proper nutrition. Don’t forget this!