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Some Tips to Enjoy a Perfect Meat Barbecue (II): Best Meat Cuts and Barbecues

Both the beef and pork meats offer pieces and cuts which especially fits for a successful barbecue:


In relation to beef, the best pieces for a barbecue are the entrecote, the T-bone steak and the tenderloin. Other alternative cuts, which are also delicious are the skirt steak, known for its tenderness and juiciness, the strip of ribs and the flank steak.


The most suitable pieces for a barbecue out of a pork are the ribs or the bacon. Additionally, an interesting option is to try alternative cuts, such as the special cut, the wild boar or even the featherbone, as their high content of marbled is perfect for this kind of cooking, as the outer side of the piece get caramelized when exposed to a strong heat source.

The Type of Barbecue

The barbecue’s flavour secret is that meat is in contact with the iron and when varying the grill height, this provides the perfect touch and no flavour mix happens. Thus, a surface, crunchy and very nice roast is achieved, which is difficult to get in other type of cooking.

One of the keys for a successful barbecue is the choice of the barbecue itself. The most recommended are: that of gas o that using vegetal matter (wood or vegetal coal), as they achieve a high fire power, leading to the best results for our meat.

Concerning the wood, the best woods are those with a slow heating power, coming from slow growth trees such as the holm oak and the oak. It is also recommended the orange tree wood or the vine shoots. If you do not have any wood, you may also make the barbecue with coal or nay other neutral fuel.