USMEF Marketing activities in Europe : The Marbled Meat Club


USMEF Marketing activities in Europe

The U.S. Meat Export Federation has just launched a brand new website for the European market. It is a comprehensive site with information for distributors, chefs and end consumers.

Delicious recipes and cooking tips, along with information about the US meat industry,  and about US beef and pork quality and their nutritional aspects, are shown on the new website. Why is US beef different and why is it so marbled, tender and juicy. Why is it the preferred choice of butchers, chefs and consumers.

USMEF is updating and reinforcing its marketing efforts in Europe in order to raise awareness of US beef and pork and help distributors increase their sales.

Chefs are one of the main targets of the new marketing strategy so USMEF is also launching  “THE MARBLED MEAT CLUB” in Facebook. This will be the meeting point for chefs and all meat lovers, a proactive community for the exchange of information, ideas, experiences and suggestions…

Social media marketing will also be complemented in Twitter.