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Must-Have Traditions for 4th of July

July 4th is a day of celebration to have a good comforting meal with friends and family. Americans in the USA celebrate this day to appreciate their customs and, above all, the best dishes and culinary traditions. In each state, it is celebrated in a different way, but everyone uses fireworks, barbecues, and free time to enjoy this day.

Still, there are some differences between places in the north, on the coast and in big cities:

  • In the South, they gather with friends and family, prepare a large picnic with roast and baked meat dishes, and end with desserts decorated in the colors of the flag.
  • On the Coasts, July 4th means going to the beach, making a bonfire, and cooking meat, vegetables, and marshmallows. But above all enjoy good
  • In the Midwest States and in the big cities, hot dogs and hamburgers, street food, or homemade food is the most typical fare of the day.

What are the typical dishes and ways of cooking them on this day?

The star food of the day is beef which is cooked in all its forms. Especially, the most American style hamburgers, which is one of their favorite dishes. Also, they have a special and delicious starter like this red, white beef salad. It is easy to make and everyone loves it!

The most important thing in a 4th of July meal is the barbecue. You need to know how to properly cook all beef cuts you want on the grill and the meat would be spectacular and delicious.

The best cuts for barbecues are skirt steak, tenderloin, steaks, short beef ribs, or beef kabobs. These cuts have a beefy flavor and they are very tender and juicy.

It’s time for dessert! To finish this fun and special meal you can bake a classic apple pie or a tasty cheesecake. Just eat and enjoy it!