Did You Know June 21st Is the Summer Solstice and Are You Ready? : The Marbled Meat Club


Did You Know June 21st Is the Summer Solstice and Are You Ready?

Today is the big day; summer has arrived and with it, sun, vacation, time for family and friends, outdoor events, cookouts and festivals.

In the United States and according to where you live you could be white-water rafting along the Snake River (Wyoming), or whale watching in the waters of Cape Cod (Massachusetts). You might be soaking up some rays at Hanalei Bay Beach in Hawaii, or trying a little bit of everything at the Taste of Chicago festival.  Chicago’s beautiful lakefront has been home to the world’s largest food festival since 1980 and is the first in the nation for diversity in summer cuisine.  The delicious array of food served at Taste of Chicago is complemented by music and exciting activities for the entire family. Then also, if we venture into different states each one is like visiting a different culture with its own cuisine from New York’s famous hot dogs to California’s creamy avocados.  

As is customary, summer needs some fresh, light recipes, which are still tasty and nutritious. Here you have our proposal for 8 perfect summertime recipes for beef lovers!  First on the list is an hors d’oeuvres for a delicious party appetizer recipe or even for a tasty lunch idea on a lazy Sunday afternoon. The steak-on-a-stick with pineapple is an easy kids-in-the-kitchen recipe, while the American salad is based on the idea of a layer dip, a tex-mex influence.  Two other of the recipes below follow in the tex-mex footsteps with wraps and tacos while otherwise we have Italy as our inspiration with Italian cheese and pasta recipes.

  1. American salad or layer dip.
  2. Grilled salsa steak appetizer.
  3. Hoisin BBQ steak on a stick with pineapple salsa.
  4. American salad or layer dip.
  5. Roast beef & veggie wraps.
  6. Beef & asparagus pasta toss.
  7. Grilled steak and fresh mozzarella flatbread.
  8. And for Breakfast: steak and eggs taco.