Happy International Hamburger Day! : The Marbled Meat Club


Happy International Hamburger Day!

Always is a good time to eat hamburgers. They are a delicious dish and everyone loves them because there are many versions with different flavors. The 28th May we celebrate the International Hamburger Day-a a completely different event from the 28th August’s Burguer Day, duh!-. Anyway, it doesn’t matter which day you celebrate this marvelous gastronomic delight: Just enjoy them!

What is the best part of beef to make hamburgers?

There are endless blends of different cuts of beef to make your own burger, so you have to choose correctly. The keys for a perfect meat burger are texture, flavor and fat. The meat has to be t least 25% to 30% fat. Knowing that, you will not have a problem choosing the best meat.

The best beef cuts for burgers are:

  • Chuck steak: Chuck is the most commonly used cut of beef in burger blends. It has a well-balanced flavor with a decent percent of fat.
  • Round: It is lean and very cheap. Isn’t the best option, but it is really good too.
  • Brisket: It has a distinct flavor and high fat content. If you add brisket to your burger you will have a beautifully rich burger.
  • Sirloin or Tri-Tip: Sirloin is a lean cut of steak, but has a good flavor. You will need to supplement with another cut of meat that has a higher fat content like brisket or chuck.

5 types of Burgers combinations

  • Classic Cheeseburger: It’s for cheese lovers. Best cheeses for burgers are cheddar, American cheese, goat cheese or mozzarella… But you can add whatever cheese you want!
  • American Burger: Authentic taste of America. Perfect ground beef, mayonnaise, red pepper, onion and a bit of soy sauce. It’s delicious!
  • BBQ Beef Burger: Special and unique burger. The special thing about this hamburger is the biscuit bread. It’s soft and sweet… You will love it!
  • Chili Burger: Only for spicy lovers. Chili powder, pepper, cayenne pepper, jalapeños and garlic powder are the main ingredients of the sauce. It’s tasty but be careful with the spicy!
  • Caribbean Burger: It has a fresh and sweet flavor. The toppings are mango, fresh coriander and lime juice. Yummy yummy!