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(Easy) Christmas Recipes

This WhatsApp group conversation will no doubt sound familiar:  Shall we go out for a Christmas Dinner this year? No, it’s too expensive; how about going to someone’s house instead, and we can all get together there. And it turns out it’s going to be your house this time. Help! What shall I do now!

Christmas Recipes

The first thing you need to do is keep your cool. Whether it’s family or friends, or a bit of both, or a romantic dinner, the menu must meet three basic rules:

  • It must be easy to prepare.
  • It must be
  • It must be (and look) delicious.

Beyond that, we can start considering other issues, such as expense, whether it’s more or less healthy, etc.

The ingredients are essential to ensure the very best result. We recommend US beef on account of its juiciness, it’s unmistakable flavour and its hallmark of quality.

Here are 3 Christmas recipes using US Beef that meet the three conditions:

1) Beef Tartare with Capers

What can be more chic than a tartare? The main advantage of this recipe, besides being quick (20 minutes) and simple, is that it enhances the flavour of the meat. It is probably the recipe that can best show up the quality of your purchase.

To view the shopping list and recipe click here.

2) Beef tataki with fresh coriander, pine nuts and butter

These sophisticated starters will delight your guests. They look much more elaborate than they really are; in fact you can have them ready and arranged on a plate in 45 minutes. Ready to be enjoyed!

To view the shopping list and recipe click on this link.

3) Roast Beef

A classic! It’s a must on every family’s table for Christmas. Maybe this is the first year you have to prepare it yourself and you’re not sure how. But it’s much easier than it seems. The result is spectacular!

View everything you need to buy, and how to cook it, here.

Author: Soledad Tedde