DISCOVER U.S. BEEF, Helsinki : The Marbled Meat Club



In August 2016, USMEF carried out a promotional event in Finland named DISCOVER U.S. BEEF.

This event is part of USMEF’s awareness program, aimed at touching some key HRI players and journalists to educate them on the difference of US beef, build closer relations with opinion leaders and obtain a relevant media coverage to reach end consumers.

The event, a lunch offered to a group of selected German top chefs and food journalists, was generously hosted by  the U.S. Embassy in Helsinki.

The lunch was organized by USMEF Europe, with the kind collaboration of the Commercial Service of the US Embassy in Helsinki (@usembfinland).

A special menu was prepared by chef Jean-Christophe Nourrisson. They were paired with a wide selection of US wines offered by Black Stallion Estate Winery.

The main objective of this promotional lunch was bringing together the best chefs in Helsinki and surroundings and mix them with food and lifestyle journalists in order to: encourage the use of US meat products among chefs, support opinion leaders in favour of US beef, raise awareness and knowledge about US beef and why is it different, educate on the use of premium and alternative beef cuts, generate media coverage to raise awareness among German end consumers.