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Celebrating the Cannes Film Festival with a Gala Dinner

Undoubtedly, the Cannes Festival is along with the Oscars, the most important film event of the year. If we already suggested the ultimate menu for you to enjoy an Oscar-like gala dinner, now we have decided to pay tribute to the French festival by commemorating below the best (and most symbolic) banquets in cinematographic history.

Let´s start with the acclaimed 90’s film, ‘Pretty Woman‘. In the film by Garry Marshall starring the unforgettable Julia Roberts and Richard Gere we have one of the most entertaining and memorable gastronomic moments in cinema history. What better way to explain it when the endearingly clumsy Vivian tries to eat snails in her original way and ends up launching one into the waiter`s hand?

Another unforgettable movie for the whole family is Disney´s Bella Notte scene from ‘Lady and the Tramp‘ and if there’s something really unforgettable about this movie, it’s the romantic, serenaded and candlelit dinner between Lady and Tramp at Tony´s Italian Restaurant. A plate of spaghetti is the seed of love between the two dogs in a memorable scene not only for the little ones but for all ages.

We know that ‘Game of Thrones‘ is not a movie but its banquets are cinema-worthy and we just couldn´t resist adding it here. In the famous series everything is celebrated in front of a plate of food or with a glass in hand. Here we recall a highlight of the series: the wedding banquet between Joffrey and Margaery. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ImkVFnvOEvo&t=1s

And what about the mythical Big Kahuna Burger scene from ‘Pulp Fiction‘? Do you remember it? For the gourmets here we paste below a recipe for this hamburger and the video which will bring to mind one of the most brutal scenes of Tarantino’s superclassic.

Titanic‘, one of America´s most romantic films should not be missing from our list. Surely you will remember how Jack defended himself from Cal’s attacks in one of the most luxurious banquets of the transatlantic.

My Best Friend´s Wedding‘ is another classic American comedy and its soundtrack is simply unforgettable. Confess … surely you have sung it more than once in the shower.

Another film that should not be missing on our list is ‘When Harry Met Sally‘.  Who remembers that “great moment” in the restaurant?  No comment!

In ‘Four Weddings and a Funeral‘ if there is something in abundance it is banquets but probably the best is the one in which the shy Charles finds himself in a really shameful situation, to paraphrase in his words: the wedding banquet from hell…

The ‘Dinner Game’ is a French film that we want to include here as a tribute to French cinema and the week of the Cannes Film Festival. The cruel game that is celebrated during weekly dinners is going to have an unexpected development. Check it out!

And to end our list what better than the dinner scene from Quentin Tarantino´s ‘Hateful Eight’.  Have a good laugh!

I hope you´ve enjoyed this post as much as we have preparing it!  Long live the cinema!