#BoeufAmericainParis event in Paris : The Marbled Meat Club


#BoeufAmericainParis event in Paris

On Monday the 18th of May the United States Meat Export Federation (USMEF) will organise the event #BoeufAmericainParis in order to promote American meat in France.

The event will be hosted and presented by Ms. Jane D. Hartley, US Ambassador. Felipe Macías, USMEF’s Marketing Representative in Europe, will explain US Beef Difference from French and European beef.

The agenda will continue with a butchery explanation by Jean Philippe Bissonnet and Henri Partouche, from Boucheries Nivernaises, of the 4 different beef cuts to be showcased.

A selection of some of the best French chefs will proceed to cook and offer tastings of different US beef cuts:

  • Chef Yves Roquel will prepare a  Côtes de boeuf (Beef ribs) recipe.
  • Chef Jean-François Piège   will prepare a recipe with Noix d’entrecôte  (Rib-eye).
  • Chef Jérôme Banctel  will show how to cook Onglet (Hanger steak).
  • Chef Olivier Bellin will showcase a recipe with Aiguillette (Sirloin Steak).

Several members of the media and French chefs will attend to this unique opportunity to discover American Meat.