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Best Ways to Cook Beef Meals on Sunny Days

In summer we prefer to eat light and prepare food that gives us the energy to fight the heat. So, beef is the best partner for our meals!

Which are the Best Cuts of Meat for the Summer Season?

The best cuts for sunny days are those that can be cooked in a short time and with a high temperature. In addition, cuts that are low in fat are recommended so that they are not heavy and can be eaten easily. The best cuts to cook this way are tenderloin, steaks, ground beef, or skirt steak.

The best garnish for beef recipes with good weather is fresh veggies, cold sauces, and potatoes, mashed or fried. The seasonal veggies for summer are cucumber, pepper, lettuce, or tomatoes. Also, you can use cheese or rice to pair with beef.

What are the Ways to Cook Beef in Summer?

In summer, unlike winter or fall, try to avoid stews or meatloaf because they are heavy and hot for this season. Those dishes can hurt our stomachs. We are looking for easy and quick ways of cooking on hot days.

Barbecues are the best plan for a meal. You can cook kabobs, burgers, tenderloin, or the flank steak. You can add some veggies and a special BBQ sauce for the meat.

Grill the meat. This is the quick way to cook the beef and the result is a tender and juicy piece of meat. The cuts for this method of cooking are tenderloin or steak with a good seasoning which increases the flavor of the beef.

Another method of cooking is to stir-fry. It is healthy because you don’t need much oil or time to cook the beef. Brisket or ground beef with some veggies is a perfect meal for stir-frying in the summertime.

Some Recipes Ideas with Beef for Summer

Grilled beef kabobs. They are delicious and have a woody flavor by barbecuing. These beef kabobs are a must-try steak recipe!

Roast beef and veggie wraps. Wraps are an ideal and tasty meal. Try them!

Beef & heirloom tomato salad with balsamic syrup. Thyme-rubbed steaks are quickly skillet-cooked and then sliced to serve atop this easy salad. Just enjoy it!