Best Tips for Halloween Night : The Marbled Meat Club


Best Tips for Halloween Night

Halloween night is the scariest night of the year. And it’s perfect to have a dinner party with family and friends. The food is really important in there parties, but also the decoration. To create a good and funny atmosphere just follow these tips:

  1. Be creative with the silverware. Look for cutlery with themes like the Halloween design or with colors like black, white or orange. Also, use classic silver to add an elegant touch to your table.
  • Set the mood.
  • Use the right colors. Orange, black, white and green: these are the basic colors for a Halloween party.
  • Add a moody scary centerpiece. Choose a special tablecloth and napkins and then a good centerpiece with flowers and simple decoration like ghosts, bones, etc.
  • Don’t forget the decoration of the dining room. This part is really important to create a good mood in the party. Use bats, spiders, mummys, pumpkins with the shape of a scary face.
  • Choose the right light. Use the light of candles to create a faint atmosphere and put a playlist with Halloween songs.
  • Decorate your dishes. If you use Halloween decoration on your table and room, put the theme on your plates. Get creative and turn your pizzas into mummies or your beef stew into a potion. Also, you and your guests can go in fancy and terrified dresses.

Scary and Beef Recipes for Halloween Dinner

Here are some ideas to make your menu go with Halloween night:   Yummy mummy pizzas, Spooky Sloppy Joes and Monster mash meatballs soup. They are all with beef, they are easy to make, they are delicious and they will scare all your guests.