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Beef and chocolate: the perfect mixture

This mixture of chocolate and meat is risky but also surprising. Using chocolate in savory dishes started with the Aztecs in their chocolate-tinged mole sauce, making it a traditional and ancient food. But the marriage between meat and chocolate has expanded to these local recipes, first in America and then throughout the world. 

What flavors does chocolate bring to beef?

As an ingredient in savory dishes, chocolate mixs very well with beef. In addition, it is used to thicken and modify the taste of some sauces or it can soften the excessively wild flavor of this type of meat. The chocolate adds sweet and powerful smells and texture to the dishes. Also, spices like parsley, garlic, cinnamon and salt add extra flavor and intensify the chocolate. 

 The chosen chocolate must be of quality and must have a high proportion of cocoa. When we add chocolate to dishes we must bear in mind that it must be done at the end of cooking, with low heat, because if it is heated excessively it loses its properties.

Best ways to cook beef and chocolate 

Beef has an intense flavor and that`s why it is one of the best meats to cook with chocolate because it is able to complement the strong flavor without being overwhelmed. But not all ways of cooking meat and chocolate are great. The most common is chocolate sauce followed by stews and grilled beef. The chocolate sauce combines the chocolate with herbs or spices and is served over the meat with some vegetable garnishes. 

Beef stew with chocolate is like a classic stew, but the last step in the recipe is to add the chocolate at the end of the cooking. Be careful and try not to burn the chocolate! 

Another way is grilled meat spread in chocolate sauce. The woodsy, slightly burnt smells and flavors and hints of sweet chocolate add punch to typical grilled beef. 

Chocolaty meats are a trend 

The most famous restaurants and chefs are starting to cook and experiment with chocolate and meat. Why don`t you try to experiment too? Any recipe with this mixture is perfect for a special dinner with your partner, family or friends. They will be impressed with its flavor.