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Alternative Cuts: Short Ribs

Short ribs are a very popular cut of meat, mostly due to their versatility. It has a uniform shape, intense flavour and a great tenderness when cooked correctly.
Beef short ribs can be cut from different sections of beef. The most common short rib cut is the Back Rib which comes from the thick side of the prime rib. A second source, called Plate Short Rib, found in the animal’s forequarter, right below the rib primal. Ribs which come right under the chuck from the first to the fifth rib, also called Flanken Ribs.
Short Ribs that come from the plate primal have lots of good muscle tissue, but also a significant amount of fat. Rib primal short ribs don’t have as much meat to them as the plate variety, but are far tenderer. Flanken ribs are tougher, but less fatty.

When it comes to cooking, short ribs offer different possibilities depending on their variety:

Braising is a good cooking option for all 3 varieties. It breaks down the connective tissue that holds the meat to the bone.
Sous-vide is the most efficient way to achieve fork tender short ribs.
Grilling, pressure cooking and steaming can also provide excellent results.

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