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5 Christmas Recipes that are so delicious even Santa will want a bite

Oh dear, it’s Christmas! It’s the most beautiful time of the year since we get together with our loved ones, share peace and love and most important of all, eat a holiday feast with plenty of delicious treats. Get in the spirit with these tasty Christmas recipes that will for sure be a huge hit with your guests. 

1 Roasted Beef Goat Cheese Salad

Get a delicious start on your Christmas dinner with this Roasted Beef Goat Cheese Salad. Ready in only 15 minutes, this holiday-inspired salad is not only delicious but also easy-to-make. 

2 Herbed Beef Tenderloin with Holiday Rice

Taste Christmas with this juicy and tender beef tenderloin, accompanied by simple but crazy-delicious vegetable rice that brings the holiday colors to the table. It sounds like a perfect holiday dish! 

Mouthwatering herbed beef with holiday rice as a side dish

3 Beef Wellington

The best way to spread holiday joy is by giving your loved one what they want: Beef Wellington! This holiday´s showstopper might take some time and effort to prepare, but the smiles upon your guests’ faces will be worth it. 

4 Pistachio-Crusted Beef Ribeye Roast with Holiday Wine Sauce 

Hungry yet? Show off your culinary skills with this pistachio-crusted beef ribeye roast, covered in red wine sauce to give it a stronger flavor. This will be the highlight of your Christmas feast. 

Toothsome beef roast covered in an exquisite wine sauce. 

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5 Southwestern Beef Sweet Potato Pie 

When Santa Claus makes his list and checks it twice, you will be right at the top with this Texan Beef Sweet Potato Pie. It is the easiest and tastiest way to show the red man how nice you have been. 

Give your guests the best holiday gifts with these Christmas dishes. But we all know that the most important thing about Christmas is not presents, the tree or the decorations! It’s the food and the fact that we can share it with the people that we love. We whisk you a Merry Christmas and to all a good meal!