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4 False Myths about Beef

Having a balanced and healthy diet is very important for our health and well-being. In this diet, the consumption of beef has many benefits, but only as long as it is consumed in moderation. Even so, there have always been many myths and legends about beef that generate doubts when consuming it. Therefore, we bring to your attention here 4 myths that are false about beef:

  1. Contains fats harmful to health. On the contrary, beef is a protein food and in cuts we can reduce the fat.
  2. Meat is very expensive. Actually, compared to other types of meats such as pork or chicken, the price of beef is not very different, as long as it is of quality. Also, depending on the cut you buy, the piece of meat will be more expensive or cheaper. Therefore, we can deny that veal is always the most expensive.
  3. Beef is fattening. Beef contains a lot of protein, a nutrient that has a positive influence on weight loss because it speeds up metabolism, increases muscle mass and reduces appetite. For all these reasons, it isn’t true that the fat and calories of beef are fattening.
  4. Beef is more harmful than other meats. Each type of meat is different and has different components. But that does not mean that one is more harmful than the other. The important thing is to consume beef in a moderate way, in a healthy way and combine it correctly with other foods.

Healthy Dishes with Beef

Beef is a versatile meat and you can combine it with many ingredients. With vegetables, for example, you can prepare a salad or roast in the oven. Carrots, pineapple, potatoes or rice are perfect ingredients to combine with beef dishes. Also, if you want something more elaborate, a meatloaf or lasagna are good ideas. All these examples are healthy and delicious and if you eat beef  with moderation you will have a good diet.

Another thing to take into account is the way of cooking beef. There are healthier ways like stews or roasts and less healthy ones like frying or barbecuing. So choose the healthiest ways to cook the beef and from time to time you can cook it in a less healthy way.