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Total Carcass Utilization: Maximize returns at each link in the marketing chain by building export demand for value-added products and the complete range of red-meat items, especially those that are underutilized in the U.S. market.

Trade Support: Gather and disseminate market intelligence and facilitate contact between U.S. exporters and targeted buyers in export markets.

Buyer Education and Loyalty: Educate targeted buyers in export markets on the attributes of U.S. red meat and red-meat products and build buyer loyalty to products exported from the United States.

Market Presence: Increase the presence of U.S. red meat and red-meat products in the HRI and retail sectors in targeted export markets.

Product Image: Establish positive images for U.S. beef, pork and lamb with consumers in targeted export markets.

Market Access: Secure meaningful, sustained access to new and existing export markets using all available means.

To achieve its objectives, the USMEF works with businesses and consumers to promote the use and awareness of United States’ meat products abroad. In addition, the USMEF works with governments and their agencies to improve trade relationships and eliminate or lower trade barriers or restrictions.

The USMEF, with its headquarters in Denver, Colorado and through its international offices in Osaka, Tokyo, Seoul, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore, Taipei, Mexico City, London, and Moscow, offers support to these efforts.

The USMEF also has a number of consultants who provide educational and product information, technical support and trade assistance services in the Caribbean, South America, Middle East and other countries. Funding for all these efforts is provided by membership dues and contributions, industry checkoff funds and government sponsored export and market development programs.

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